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TO: All Local One S&A Participants

From: Local One Fund Office

Re: Disclosure Notice from Local 560 Trucking Employees Fund Office

Recently all working members who are covered through the Local 560 plan of benefits received in the mail a disclosure notice which must be completed and  returned to the Local 560 Fund office. Congress recently passed legislation which requires that all participants who are covered under a medical plan must convey in writing to the insurance company that they will permit their spouse or children over the age of 18 and still covered permission to discuss medical claims issues on their behalf.

In the future you will not be able to discuss medical issues on behalf of a covered dependent if you fail to return the completed disclosure notice.

If you have any questions with regard to the disclosure notice, you may call the Local 560 (201-867-3553) or the Local One Fund Office (212-460-0800) at your convenience.

Teamsters Local 560 Benefit Fund
P.O. Box 8037
Summit Avenue Station
Union City, NJ 07087